Sunday, 8 April 2012

Street Style Sunday

Nicely done, sir.  Nicely done.

I'm not entirely sure of the proportions here (I think that oversized jacket is a bit of overkill) but I definitely do like the striped pants combined with a colourful accent and chunky heels.
photo: The Locals

Here's another version of the above.  This girl is also wearing an oversized jacket.  I like the addition of florals here but not in love with the shoes.

This look is so easy.  I really like the collar (whether it's part of the dress or an after thought) and the wing tips.  Cute.

Sophisticated perfection.  Camel cape with gold detail, a hit of colour/print peeking out, topped with a silk scarf.  Beautiful.  Please also find me that blouse.  Thank you.

Happy dressing!

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